Domestic door and lock replacement

A client contacted AW Locks after experiencing problems with her front door and required a domestic door and lock replacement service. I was able to get the door open and managed to replaced the lock successfully.

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Can you replace a door lock yourself?

The installation process for new door locks is simple and quick. If you have experience with basic screwdrivers, then this job should only take an hour or two! Full instructions come included so there’s no need to worry about getting lost along the way – just follow them closely until it’s complete.

How do you know what lock you have?

By looking at the lock’s face plate you can check to see if it has 5 levers. The number of teeth on each lever should be stamped there as well, including Kitemark which means they meet British Standard 3621 safety standards for locks.

How much is it to change a door lock UK?

You should expect to pay at least £50 for a locksmith to come out and fix an external lock. If you want to change or replace an existing lock, you’ll likely pay at least £75 including materials. However, the cost could be quite a bit higher depending on the type of lock you want to change. For a free quote for domestic door and lock replacement, contact Andy today.