Signs your locks have been tampered with

Your door locks, often the first line of defense, play an integral role in ensuring your home’s safety. But how can you tell if someone has tried to compromise them? In this blog we’ll discuss the clear signs that your locks have been tampered with so you can stay vigilant and protect your home.

1. Visible Scratches or Marks 

If you notice new scratches, dents, or marks around the keyhole or on the lock itself, this can be a sign of lock picking or bumping attempts. Someone might have used metal tools in an effort to manipulate the lock.

2. Difficulty Inserting Your Key

If you suddenly find it hard to insert your key into the lock, or it doesn’t fit as smoothly as it used to, this might be an indication that someone has tried to pick or bump the lock. Foreign objects or broken key parts might have been left inside.

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3. Loose or Damaged Hardware

 A lock that feels wobbly or seems damaged can be a sign of forced entry attempts. This could be from using brute force methods like a crowbar or even subtle attempts to dismantle the lock.

4. Unfamiliar Key Impressions 

On softer metal locks, you might notice impressions or grooves that weren’t there before. These could be the result of someone trying to make an impression of your lock for key duplication.

5. The Door Doesn’t Latch Properly 

If the door latch or bolt doesn’t align properly with the strike plate, it may indicate that someone tried to force the door open, causing a misalignment.

6. Evidence of Drilling 

Tiny drill holes near or around the lock mechanism can suggest that someone attempted a drilling method to bypass the lock.

Image of a locksmith drilling a lock | Locksmith scams

7. Altered Surroundings 

While not a direct sign on the lock, if you notice that the door frame, mat, or even nearby plants have been disturbed, it might indicate that someone was lurking or trying to gain entry.

8. Frequent Lock Malfunctions

 A lock that frequently jams or refuses to turn might have sustained internal damage from tampering attempts.

Tips for Enhanced Security:

Regular Inspections:

Periodically check your locks for any signs of wear, damage, or tampering to ensure that you’re doing the most when it comes to the security of your home. If you notice any suspicious damages, then be sure to call out a locksmith who can replace the entire lock and provide you with peace of mind. 

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High-Quality Locks:

By investing in high-quality, tamper-resistant locks, you’ll be reducing the chances of your locks being tampered with. Many modern locks come with anti-picking, anti-bumping, and anti-drilling features to reinforce the security of the lock. 

Security Cameras:

Although this isn’t a locksmith service, Installing security cameras, especially ones with motion detection, can deter potential intruders and capture evidence of tampering attempts. Modern doorbells with security cameras are also a great investment if you’re concerned about the security of your lock. 

Awareness and vigilance play pivotal roles in home security. Recognising the subtle and sometimes overlooked signs of lock tampering can prevent potential break-ins. By staying informed and taking prompt action, you’re ensuring the well-being of yourself and your family. 

If you suspect your lock has been tampered with, then be sure to contact AW Locks today, Canterbury’s number 1 locksmith. With no call out fee and availability 24/7, you can rely on Andy to solve your locksmith troubles.