Understanding Keyed Alike Systems: what are they?

In the world of locks and keys, there are many ways to keep your home or business safe. One simple and easy-to-use method is called a Keyed Alike System.

So, what is this system, and how is it different from other types of locks and keys? This guide is here to help those new to the subject learn all about Keyed Alike systems.

Image of Andy demonstrating how a keyed alike system works
Watch Andy demonstrating how to use a Keyed Alike System here

Keyed Alike Systems Explained

Keyed Alike systems refer to a set of locks that are designed to open with the same key. In a nutshell, it means that you can use one key to unlock multiple doors. These systems are often used in homes and businesses where multiple locks are present, and they offer a level of convenience that makes key management much simpler.

Who Can Benefit from Keyed Alike Systems?

Keyed Alike systems are particularly useful for a number of different people, but let’s take a closer look at those groups. 


This system can make life easier by reducing the number of keys needed. Instead of carrying a key for every door in your house, you can have one key that opens all.

Business owners: 

For commercial spaces where there are multiple locked areas, Keyed Alike systems can simplify key management and enhance security.

Landlords and property managers:

Keyed Alike systems can streamline the process of managing multiple properties.

The Pros of Keyed Alike Systems

  • Convenience: One of the most significant advantages is the convenience of having one key to open all locks. No more fumbling for the right key.
  • Less hassle in key management: Managing multiple keys can be a headache. With this system, that problem is eliminated.
  • Cost-effective: In many cases, Keyed Alike locks are less expensive than buying a separate lock and key for each door.

The Cons of Keyed Alike Systems

  • Potential security risks: If the single key is lost or stolen, all locks that it opens are compromised. The entire system would need to be rekeyed or replaced.
  • Less flexibility: If you need to restrict access to certain doors, it can be more complicated with a Keyed Alike system.

Can I convert my existing locks to a Keyed Alike system?

In many cases, yes. A professional locksmith can rekey your existing locks to work with the same key, provided the locks are compatible.

Can I expand my Keyed Alike system if I add more doors?

Absolutely! Your locksmith can usually key your new locks to work with your existing Keyed Alike system.

What if I lose my key?

If you lose the key to a Keyed Alike system, it’s important to contact your locksmith immediately. They can rekey the locks to work with a new key and ensure your security isn’t compromised.

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Should You Consider a Keyed Alike System?

The ease and straightforwardness of Keyed Alike systems make them an appealing choice for many. Yet, as with any system, there are both benefits and potential drawbacks. Your unique situation and requirements will determine if a Keyed Alike system suits your needs. Remember, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a professional locksmith before making any decisions regarding your property’s security setup.

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